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Licensed Massage Therapist and Chief Thought Provoker


I believe the sense of touch is missing from a lot of our lives today. Not many will argue that we live in a highly-technical, fast-paced, human-touch-deprived culture. I see massage therapy as a natural healing method: a basic need for health. When compared to a visit to the doctor, an appointment with a massage therapist is much longer. An experience with a massage therapist is also more personal and emotional, and people look forward to their message therapy appointments. more

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Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor


Seeing changes and helping clients improve their health is what keeps me energized about being a Licensed Massage Therapist. Since 2016, I’ve been helping others to ease discomfort by using a combination of modalities that best suits their needs: massage, stretching, deep pressure, and energy work. more

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Licensed Massage Therapist


For over a decade, I’ve found life’s pleasure in being a healer. Being a License Massage Therapist has given me the privilege to impact change in the world. I enjoy helping others to relieve pain and discomfort caused by the everyday trappings of life. more

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Italy, I obtained my Massage Therapy License in August 2003, after completing 1200 hours of studies at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York City. I have worked at 5-star day spas in NYC for several years and have had the honor to meet wonderful people from all walks of life, including a bunch of celebrities, Tom Selleck being one of them and a regular client. more


Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi I'm Jason, a Licensed Massage Therapist dedicated to helping people live happy, pain free, eco-friendly lives. I was working in the hospitality industry for several years and decided it was time to take my career to the next level. Instead of helping people enjoy amazing vacations, I decided to serve people in a new way by helping them enjoy life through massage therapy. more

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Licensed Massage Therapist


I’ve always been called toward holistic healing. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for 12 years, and I am a Strength Coach. 


Having an extensive background in all things anatomy, and a strong passion for health & wellness, I was drawn to become a Massage Therapist. I believe movement is medicine, and our breath is an internal superpower that we all have. more

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Licensed Massage Therapist

I became a License Massage Therapist so that I could work directly with people who can benefit most from using the healing power of massage to achieve balance. Having done a lot of physical jobs in both the construction and the restaurant industry, I have a great understanding of how daily tasks and strains can affect the human body. I believe that the best pathway to relieving symptoms is more

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Creator, Curator, & Maker from Sensory Revolution San Francisco

I have been concocting and creating since childhood. MySensory Revolution line of organic body care reflects this, offering therapeutic and whimsical tools for healthy pleasure and personal evolution. more

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