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Dane Frigstad

Licensed Massage Therapist


I became a License Massage Therapist so that I could work directly with people who can benefit most from using the healing power of massage to achieve balance. Having done a lot of physical jobs in both the construction and the restaurant industry, I have a great understanding of how daily tasks and strains can affect the human body. I believe that the best pathway to relieving symptoms is through relaxation and targeted therapeutic work. 


I am currently trained in Hydrotherapy, Clinical Massage, Stretching, Light Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, and Percussive Therapy. It is my belief that in order to address an area that is causing pain, the body needs to be in a very relaxed state. Massage is a natural way for people to experience healing benefits in ways they didn’t even think possible.


Knowing that I can help people find a respite in their day so they can relax, feel better, and leave one of my sessions more centered, serene, and peaceful brings me joy. It’s rewarding for me to positively affect someone’s quality of life by relieving pain, improving their function of joints and muscles, reducing stress, and promoting general relaxation. The benefits of massage therapy not only extend to the client, but to the therapist as well. This is why I consider massage to be such a powerful tool.


Come see me at Sensorric and let me help you achieve better balance. We have 2 locations in Saint Petersburg, FL, with free parking, just north of the downtown area. You can book an appointment with me online at Serene Massage LLC. You can also contact me at 727-900-6960, or via email at

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