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Chris Jones

Licensed Massage Therapist


For over a decade, I’ve found life’s pleasure in being a healer. Being a License Massage Therapist has given me the privilege to impact change in the world. I enjoy helping others to relieve pain and discomfort caused by the everyday trappings of life. I love being able to visibly see a difference in someone that enters the appointment with specific issues compared to the relief the feel when the session is complete.


I am certified in Thai massage 1 & 2 and Thai foot massage and I typically to incorporate specific Thai stretching with every massage session. Adding this technique to a session creates a unique experience that my clients continue to request.


I enjoy the professional and relaxing atmosphere at Sensorric and appreciate working with the other independent therapists I encounter there.


In my spare time, I enjoy the intricacies of wood carving and I volunteer on the Board of Directors for Come Out St. Pete.

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