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David Rule_edited.jpg
David Rule

Artist / Painter

Imagination. It’s a word that has the power to transport you to a different time and place. If you can find an outlet to share your imagination with the world, you are an artist!


Being an artist has always felt natural to me. I find inspiration all around me in simple, yet impactful imagery. I find myself taking mental pictures of life as it happens and recalling those mental images to create bold, colorful statements to share my imagination with the world through my brush strokes.


I enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of expression that I get to explore through a variety of mediums, mainly charcoal, acrylic, and pastel. I work on canvas, but I also like to repurpose home items, such as doors and kitchen cabinet doors, into surfaces to apply my techniques.


When I’m not in the studio sharing my imagination with the world, I enjoy watching old classic comedy TV shows.


Many pieces of my work are in private collections throughout the United States and abroad, but you can see my work locally in the Tampa Bay area. I have pieces hanging in The Sensorric Center in Saint Petersburg, FL and in Quench Lounge in Largo, FL.

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