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Sensorric Spaces: The Studios

Sophisticated massage room rentals and more

What Makes a Space Genuinely Inspiring?


Sensorric Spaces is here to create positive vibes and, for many, awaken a feeling of creativity. We’d like to invite you to visit this beautiful location for a tour with one of our friendly team members. Our upscale massage rooms, perfect for any Licensed Massage Therapist, are available for rent at $25/hr. Sensorric Spaces is open 7 days a week, 5am - 10pm.


Call now and schedule your Sensorric Spaces tour today.


Sensorric Spaces is here to set you up for success. These are some of our featured amenities…


Sensorric Spaces provides a bridge to wellness. You can “feel” our space. Sensorric is about being present for the journey. When you are in our space, all of your senses are invited to participate. That calmness, that inner peace, that relaxing vibe, that’s the Sensorric feeling. 


With multiple styles of rooms to choose from, Sensorric Spaces is here to help you set the tone best suited for you and your clients. Our spaces were created by a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who understands that having a clean, reliable, and inspiring environment is critical to serving the needs of your clients. Coupled with our easy-to-use online scheduling system, we have the critical tools in place to support the growth of your massage therapy practice.


Inspired therapists, rooms you can “feel,” and happy clients – success is just around the corner for you.  Call now to schedule your tour and feel Sensorric Spaces for yourself.


Being local is part of the Sensorric difference. Sensorric Spaces is proud to be locally owned and operated. We live and work here too! That means our response times to support you are extremely quick. Our Members are mindful of each other and help tidy up the rooms they use. In addition, Sensorric provides janitorial services to maintain the cleanliness and reliability of our facilities. 


We are also passionate about Saint Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area, and we love to show it off!  We support local artists by inviting them to hang their works in our building. If you have a favorite artist we need to hear about, let us know!


Are you a Continuing Education (CE) Massage Therapist Program Instructor? 

Sensorric Spaces has you covered! Welcome to our large studio, perfect for hosting Continuing Education classes. Call now to schedule your tour so you can start booking and promoting your classes today.


Sensorric Spaces are available to Members and their clients. Membership is available on a month-to-month basis. To become a Member, call now to schedule your tour and continue soaring at Sensorric.

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